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SameGangMacromedia Fontographer 4.1.4 SameGangSameGangMacromedia Fontographer 4.1.4 2/17/05SameGangSameGang_FreeSameGang is a trademark of Matthew Napolitano / Daniel Gutierrez.Matthew Napolitano / Daniel GutierrezMatthew Napolitano / Highground IndustriesThis font and all original glyphs within are � copyright 2003 Matthew Napolitano, Daniel Gutierrez / Highground Industries. Unauthorized duplication or distribution is a violation of U.S. & international law. For more information please visit
http://www.fulltimeartists.comBy purchasing and/or installing fonts from the Highground Graffiti Fonts� collection you agree to the following terms of use and to avoid any use of the fonts that would constitute copyright / trademark infringement or violation of intellectual

property laws.

Limited License

1.) You may not redistribute any Highground font files or copies thereof in any way or under any other name.

2.) You may not load any Highground font files to any web server or local network server with more than 3 workstations without advance written consent from Highground Industries.

3.) You may not modify any Highground font file using font authoring software or any other means and share the file in any way.

4.) You may not embed any Highground font into any other software application or distribute any derivative tangible or intangible product.

5.) You may not include or embed these letterforms into other fonts, Photoshop� Brushes or Fills, Clip-art for redistribution, software applications, or any other package or device that would allow a user to access our original glyphs without first purchasing the appropriate license from Highground.

The fonts & other resources in this package are free for non-commercial use only. Please visit for license information. Fonts & other digital files in this package may not be redistributed in any way without written consent. By installing any of these resources you agree to these terms of use.

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