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Font name: AlphaShapes hexagons 3
Categories Shapes
Files: 2
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AlphaShapes hexagons 3NormalFOOP:AlphaShapes hexagons 3AlphaShapes hexagons 31.0 - Foopyware - use keys a to z, 0 to 9AlphaShapes-hexagons3foopy.comfoopy.comhttp://www.foopy.comhttp://www.foopy.com1.0 - Foopyware - use keys a to z, 0 to 9

(Distribution permitted with readme.txt)

Freeware for personal and not for profit use. Commercial use requires a commercial license available at

Distribution of derivative works from this font are strictly prohibited.

Tags: AlphaShapes hexagons 3, Shapes, hexagons3.png, hexagons3.ttf, Windows font

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