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Font name:Ballymun RO
CategoriesRoman, Greek
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Ballymun RO font preview


Ballymun RO font preview


Ballymun RO font preview


Ballymun RO font preview

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Font release note

Ballymun ROBoldMacromedia Fontographer 4.1 Ballymun RO BoldBallymun RO BoldVersion 0.64 6/7/1999BallymunROBoldRonald B. OgawaBallymun is a san serif font created by Ronald B. Ogawa in

the spirit of Brinkhurst's statement that one could "write

a humanist letter and leave the serif off."

It contains the Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics as

well as the WGL4 character sets. >mailto:[email protected] This font may be used without fee by:

1) individuals for non-commercial home use;

2) students, faculty, and staff of academic institutions.

This font may be freely distributed and copied, as long as

no fee is charged. It may not be made part of a product

for which a fee is charged. It may not be modified in any

way. >

Tags: Ballymun RO, Roman, Greek, ballrb__.ttf, ballrbi_.ttf, ballri__.ttf, ballrn__.ttf, Windows font

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