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Font name:BD Algebra
Categories3D, Fancy
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BD Algebra font preview


BD Algebra font preview


BD Algebra font preview

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Font release note

BD AlgebraPlusLopetz: BD Algebra Plus: 2009BDAlgebra-PlusVersion 1.000BDAlgebra-PlusBD Algebra Plus is a trademark of Lopetz.LopetzLopetzCopyright (c) 2009 by Lopetz. All rights reserved.www.typedifferent.comwww.burodestruct.netBuro Destruct Font Software Licensce Agreement

By buying, downloading or installing Buro Destruct fonts, you are understanding and

agreeing to the terms of this license.


This font software and artwork are licensed for use on 1 output device and 3 computers connected

to the same network. If your configuration exceeds this format, you must get in contact with

Buro Destruct to expand your site license. You are also responsible for securing this data and

making sure that unlicensed copies do not leave your possession.


The buyer accepts the number of characters in a font set. Buro Destruct is not obliged to build

and provide missing characters for free. The guaranteed minimum character set of a Buro Destruct

font can be seen on the typedifferent website in the according font-flash-scrolling, font-wallpaper,

font-screen or the font-screensavers for each individual font.


Any violation by licensee of this agreement shall cause this license to be terminated. In the event

of termination, and without limiting any other remedies which may be available against you,

you must immediately return the font software to Buro Destruct and certify that no copies remain in

your possession or exist on the originally licensed site.


The user of Buro Destruct font software agrees to credit Buro Destruct as the trademark and

copyright owner of the Buro Destruct fonts and list the font names, wherever and whenever design,

production, or any other credits are shown.


Buro Destruct makes no warranties express or implied as to merchantability, fitness for a particular

purpose, or otherwise. Without limiting the aforementioned, Buro Destruct shall in no event be

liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages, including damages from loss

of business profits, business interruption, and loss of business information, arising out of the use

or inability to use the product.


Buro Destruct free fonts are free to use in all your designs, commercial or non commercial.

While they are free, they are not in the public domain and remain in the exclusive property of Buro

Destruct. The free and non free Buro Destruct fonts may not be redistributed in any way (they may

not be resold, distributed commercially, they may not be made available for download) without the

written permission of Buro Destruct.


Remixes of Buro Destruct free fonts are welcome.

Anyhow the designer of the remix version must mention the source of the design as follows:

�Remix version from original typeface BD "Fontname" by Buro Destruct /�

and get in contact with Buro Destruct / Typedifferent prior releasing it to the public.

Remix versions of BD free fonts must remain free to use in all designs, commercial or non commercial.


In order to keep the administrative amount and so the prices of the fonts as low as possible

we do not send out extra invoices. Please use your credit-card or paypal payment receipt as your invoice

for the font purchase. Thank you.

Tags: BD Algebra, 3D, Fancy, BD_Algebra_minus.otf, BD_Algebra_plus.otf, BD_Algebra_plus.ttf, Windows font

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