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Brubeck AH


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Brubeck AH

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Fontgrube AH

Andreas H�feld

Brubeck is a condensed, brush-like typeface, lively but neat, almost with a calligraphic touch. Forming connected word-pictures it is readable even in long lines. It comes with full Western European character set in the lower case, German Umlauts in uppercase, too. Brubeck contains a number of ligatures, some hidden in improper places of the font, please check with a character map program. There is also a long s on the bar character (see fontgrube blackletter mapping, even though Brubeck is not blackletter).

Use --- You may use this font software free of charge for personal and non-commercial use. Conversion and modification --------------------------- You may convert this font to other formats including web font formats or modify it for your own purposes. You may use web font formats of this font to display text on your web pages, but you may not explicitly offer converted or modified versions of this font software for download or re-use by others, unless you have received permission in writing to do so. Distribution ------------ You may distribute this font on digital media or as a download on your website as long as you comply with the following rules. Violation of one or more of these rules terminates your distribution license and you have to stop distribution immediately: You may offer the font only in form of a ZIP file containing only the font software and this readme file. You are not allowed to distribute the font software without this text file. You may not redistribute modified or converted copies of the font software (see above). You may not add advertising messages in text or graphics form to the zip file. You are not allowed to create a self-extracting executable file containing the font software or require the user to run or install a download manager or other software to get the download. You may not charge money for the download. If you want to distribute this font on storage media (CD DVD) produced in numbers of more than 50 identical copies, you must send me a specimen copy.

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