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Download Free Font Chinatown Champs

Font name:Chinatown Champs
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CategoriesChina, Japan, Foreign
Author:Darrell Flood
Custom fonts preview

Chinatown Champs Italic.otf

Chinatown Champs font preview

Chinatown Champs Italic.ttf

Chinatown Champs font preview

Chinatown Champs.otf

Chinatown Champs font preview

Chinatown Champs.ttf

Chinatown Champs font preview

Download font - 97.5KB

Font release note

This font, created by Darrell Flood, is free to use for personal use (tho I appreciate donations!)
Please give as much as you honestly feel the font is worth to you.

For commercial use you must pay $25 (USD) via PayPal to me at:

My preferred method of payment is via PayPal (because it ensures I get the full amount)
if PayPal is not an option for you, or you prefer to pay by card, then please pay via the following link:

Thank you for downloading this font and I hope you find a use for it!

Chinatown Champs V1.1
*Kerning fixes
*Various character tweaks
*"Contents and Layout Version" changed to 3 (down from 5) for Dafont compatibility

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Characters sample

Font Chinatown Champs preview

Font archive files

#File nameSizeDownload
1Chinatown Champs Italic.otf30.8KBDownload
2Chinatown Champs Italic.ttf30.8KBDownload
3Chinatown Champs.otf30.5KBDownload
4Chinatown Champs.png27.6KBDownload
5Chinatown Champs.ttf30.5KBDownload

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