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Font name:DK Crowbar
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Font release note

Technically a crowbar is a straight metal rod used for digging. The tool I had in mind when I named this font is called a jemmy or pry bar, but I guess I liked the name crowbar better. Crowbar font, like its namesake, is a very useful tool: its brush-like appearance fits any design, especially if you are aiming for the ‘scary’ look.
Comes with a toolbox full of diacritics too!

Tags: DK Crowbar, Hanoded, Brush, Crowbar Poster 6.png, DK Crowbar.otf, Hanoded Fonts License & FAQ - DO READ THIS!.pdf, Windows font

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1Crowbar Poster 6.png1.5MBDownload
2DK Crowbar.otf89KBDownload
3Hanoded Fonts License & FAQ - DO READ THIS!.pdf35.6KBDownload

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