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Font name:DK Mandarin Whispers
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Font release note

In Dutch, a Mandarijn is a Tangerine. I found out that it is called a Mandarin in Australia as well! I really like Mandarins, so I thought I’d give them their well-deserved place in the spotlights by naming a font after them. The whispers part - well, that’s just because it sounded good.
Mandarin Whispers is a very nice brush font, which was actually not made with a brush, but with a cheapie marker pen. It comes with all the bells & whistles, so have a ball!

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#File nameSizeDownload
1Mandarin Whispers Poster 1.png46.6KBDownload
2DK Mandarin Whispers.otf173.3KBDownload
3Hanoded Fonts License & FAQ - DO READ THIS!.pdf35.6KBDownload

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