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Font name: Fnord Hodge + Podge
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Categories Various, Dingbats
Author: Toa, Synaptyx, Nurbldoff, et al
License: Public domain / GPL / OFL
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Fnord Hodge + Podge font preview

Font release note

Fnord-Hodge and Fnord-Podge
Two PostScript dingbat fonts.
Public Domain 2006 and (K) 3172 YOLD by the other anonymous, et al

To view the glyphs and encoding, see sampler.pdf

OTF provided by Synaptyx.
The PFA/PFB (sans AFM/PFM) are the only formats I am capable of supporting.


(in no particular order)

Idea and hard work:

/IdentityDict 5 dict dup begin
/Name (the other anonymous) def % "toa"
/Titles [
(/KeeperOf /TheSacredPostScript def)
(Illigitimate Love-Child of MFB and ACB)
(PostModernist PostScriptural Scribe For The CTC)
] def
/WebSite (
) def
/Email ( ) def
/Signature (I am not Anonymous.) def
end def

Synaptyx: /apple-messiah /apple23 /dobbs /scrid /tgrr1 /tgrr2
/raw1 /raw2 /thornley1 /thornley2 /bomb-kallisti /wrecking-ball
/phelps /pkd /poee-ornate /syn-chao-line1 /syn-chao-line2
/hail-iron /norton /discordaman /mickey-gas /itb
/pyramid-apple /pyramid-eye /evil23
- OD: /sigil-eris /sigil-greyface /eris-mod /apple-mod
/apple-syn /poee-curve /trump-trout /apple-manilla /sacredfist

Nurbldoff: /grenade-k /grenade-kallisti /apple-nurbldoff /eris-back
/trump-eris /trump-joker /discordaman
- OD: /eris-nurbldoff /reinkarnation   More...

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