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Font name: Meiry
Categories Destroy
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Meir Sadan Meiry


Version 2.00


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Meir Sadan

Meir Sadan

Some people call me Meiry. This is my first font ever. I took graphic design classes then, and I saw this wonderful little stencil looking all innocent, lying in some drawer with nothing really special to do. So I took it home. At first, I started writing little notes in people's study notebooks in school using my little nice stencil as a way of making nice letters that came out looking so grungey-cool. Then, I saw how everybody makes fonts and I wanted to make a font myself, too. So I thought and thought of an idea for a typeface - and suddenly, it stroke me like a lightning! I sat down and scribbled the entire basic font character set using my little limited stencil. I cleaned them all up a bit in Photoshop and brung into Fontographer.

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1. Do not distribute this file. 2. Do not make changes to this file. 3. You may use it freely otherwise.

Tags: Meiry, Destroy, MEIRRG__.TTF, Windows font

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