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Font name: Seven Seas
Categories Fancy
Author: Hanoded
License: Demo
Files: 3
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Seven Seas DEMO.otf

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Font release note

Some time ago, my son asked me to name all Seven Seas. I had to think for a bit, because I can think of more than 7 seas (the North Sea, the Caspian Sea, the South China Sea, the Sea Of Okhotsk, etc.), but apparently these are not part of the BIG Seven. It turns out that even oceans count as ‘seas’.
Long story short, I created a font, had to think of my son’s question and named the font Seven Seas.

Seven Seas is a hand made serif that comes with swashed alternatives for a lot of glyphs.

Tags: Seven Seas, Hanoded, Fancy, Seven Seas Poster 1.png, Seven Seas DEMO.otf, Hanoded Fonts License & FAQ - READ ME!.pdf, Windows font

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# File name Size Download
1 Seven Seas Poster 1.png 1.5MB Download
2 Seven Seas DEMO.otf 46.4KB Download
3 Hanoded Fonts License & FAQ - READ ME!.pdf 60.9KB Download