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Font name: Sinking Ship (outline)
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Sinking Ship (outline) font preview

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Sinking Ship (outline)


MR.FISK: Sinking Ship (outline): 2003

Sinking Ship (outline)

2003; 1.0, a sinking release


Freeware. You'll have to contact me if you wanna use it for commercial things.



FREEWARE. BUT IF YOU WANT TO USE IT FOR COMMERCIAL THINGS YOU*LL HAVE TO CONTACT ME. [email protected] WWW.UNDERGROUNDSTAR.COM ..And another thing : I'm swedish. We die a lot here, we have fatal diseases and we're almost on our way to suicide. I can give you a insider tip: Go to Sweden on vacation, and you are returning back home in a bodybag. Its just diseases, diseases..nothing else. You dont have to look over your shoulder like you have to in other dangerous big cities. Here you have to go to a doctor twice a week, to prevent yourself from fading away in sickness. 90% of us here are real psycho's, serial-killer-wannabees, bad looking satanists, blind shoplifters, dirty bums with ingrowing yellowstriped toenails that feeds from the sewers, tomas quick's, female middleage socialworkers with abnormal facial-hair, fake doctors at the city hospital with severe skin and genitalia problems making out with the overweight nurses carrying black-brains in bags. Thats what we are : Idiots on a sinking ship.

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