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Traditio AH


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Traditio AH

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Andreas H�feld

Based on German beer advertising, this typeface in the style of a 19th century Textura ("Old English") was elaborated in 2007-2013 by Andreas H�feld (Fontgrube). Its uppercase characters are often close to the familiar forms of Latin Antiqua letters, which makes it more legible for modern readers. "Traditio" ist the Latin word for "Tradition", a word taken from the sample that inspired this font. For professional purposes there is a full version available with additional characters and the swash r and s.

Usage ----- Use this font to produce printed text on any media for all personal or non-commercial, non-profit projects you like. You may modify the font software or convert it to other formats for your personal and non-commercial needs only. You may not share or distribute the modified or converted font, except to display text on your (non-commercial) web site (usage as webfont). You may not explicitly offer the font in webfont format for download. Sharing and Distribution ------------------------ You may share or distribute this font software via internet or on storage media under the following conditions only: 1 You may not charge a fee for the font software download, but you may ask money for the storage media (e.g. CD-ROM). Producing storage media with the font software requires sending me a free specimen copy. Address on request. 2 You inform me via e-mail or the contact form on about the redistribution of my font, so I can inform you about update versions and prevent obsolete versions from circling the internet. 3 You must distribute the font in a ZIP archive as available on, that is together with the readme file. Distributing the font without this readme is illegal. You may not add other files to the archive, like advertising messages or other fonts. You may not bundle this font with other fonts in one archive file. 4 You may not offer this font as an executable file (e.g. self-extracting archive or installer) nor offer the download via download manager or other software that the users must run or install on their computer to get the font. 5 You may not give wrong or misleading information on the license conditions, e.g.: offering this font as "freeware" must specify that this is for non-commercial use only. 6 You may not distribute modified or converted versions of this font software, except to display text on your web site (webfonts). You may not explicitely offer any webfont formats of this font software for download. If you want to use the font to make money or use any work produced with this font commercially, check for commercial licenses.

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