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XSerif UnicodeRegularDTP- XSerif Unicode Version 1XSerif UnicodeVersion 1.00XSerifUnicodeCreated by Type-Designer 3.0SlovoIn addition to the codepages mentioned in "Charset/Unicode" table, this font contains Old Russian characters (Yat', Fita, Izhitsa) and combining diacritical marks with it's right UNICODE numbers.

There are also further characters used by Trediakovskij in 18 century and some characters for transliteration in user defined UNICODE area.

You can use these characters only if you have a UNICODE-based text processor (e.g. MS Word 97).

XSerif Typeface

When I wanted to create some special fonts for students of slavistics (e. g. for transliteration an Old Russian) I looked for a font with a "Times�"-like typeface that I could use as a base for my new fonts. But I found that all quality fonts are copyrighted and the quality of free and public domain fonts on Internet didn't please me, so I decided to create a new font with a slightly changed "Times�"-like typeface that I called "XSerif". Most common letters as "A" or "H" probably look like they do in every similar typeface, except slightly different poportions, serifs and weight, but some letters as cyrillic "zh" or cyrillic "l" are originally designed because I didn't like their shape in other "Times�"-like typefaces.

There is only Regular typeface existing at this time.

If you are looking for a base font to create fonts containig special characters you can use XSerif fonts under the two conditions described in "License" table. may use our fonts free of charge for non-profit purposes of education and research (that means you must not make money out of any material printed with these fonts!). They may also freely be distributed, but may not be distributed for profit either on a standalone basis or included as part of your own product.

If you want to use a font for commercial purposes (e.g. to print a book that will be sold for profit) you will have to ask us for licence.

If a font doesn't completely match your needs (e.g. if you need some more special characters or if you prefere another encoding scheme) feel free to change and improve the font - under two conditions:

1. You must give away the improved version of the font as FREEWARE in the Internet (e. g. by uploading to a public FTP-Server)

2. Please tell us about your improved font and send us a copy of it ([email protected]

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